Graduation Pomp and Circumstance

What College and High School Graduates are Really Thinking About…

All the pomp and circumstance surrounding both college and high school graduations can occlude the thoughts, preparations, and subsequent work that give importance to the event.

For example, high school seniors are anticipating what it’s going to be like…going to college. Don’t let them fool you; they’re thinking about the fact that it’s the real deal. (Even if they’re also thinking about how much fun they’re going to have while they’re away at college.) They’re excited about becoming what they’ve been saying, i.e. “I want to be a doctor when I grow-up”.

Similarly, many college students graduating with a bachelor’s degree are legitimately working to get into or preparing for graduate school. They’re studying for the GRE or other heavy duty graduate school exams and then taking that exam. Then, many of them find themselves moving – sometimes across country – to embark upon that degree.

And let’s not forget those graduating high school and college seniors who are going right out into the the work force. Or rather, THEY’RE LOOKING FOR A JOB! For them, life is becoming┬áreally real. The resumes are being prepared. Interview skills are being honed. Those young adults are preparing for the worst (not getting a job) and hoping for the best (their dream job). The once-upon-a-time students are now looking in the mirror identifying with a whole new version of themselves.

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