Being a Good Sport – Basketball and Golf

March Madness and The Masters

According to at least one person around here, the best month of the sporting year is almost upon us. This sports phenomenon doesn’t exactly line-up with the calendar year, but instead begins with selection Sunday (when the NCAA college basketball tournament brackets are determined). And then, with quieter excitement, concludes with The Masters (golf tournament) ringing-in Spring.

We know not all of you out there agree with this assessment, but in the interest of good sportsmanship, we’ll pay due homage to some highlights (in the form of paraphernalia) below. We’re even “throwing in the towel” at the end. We hope you find yourself saying “Good game, good game, good game…” at that point. But we humbly ask, stay loyal to us as your team. We’ll be posting again in a mere week or two.




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