Special Gifts for the New Baby

New Year, New Baby!

In the wake of the new year, there is plenty of basking in the newness of it all. Be it new clothes, new toys, and/or new year resolutions. Of course part of the new year traditionally, is wondering about the first baby born. That little guy or girl is usually showered upon just for being fortunate enough for being brought forth first within the year. But what about all of the other new babies? Yes, they don’t usually miss out to a great extent either. They’re showered upon via…baby showers. Just in case you’re invited to one or if a new baby is entering your life soon, our artists and designers have got you covered. In some cases, they’ve literally designed baby blankets. But don’t take our word for it. Please see our display of cute and personalized baby gear below.





Counting Sheep Pacifier Pacifier
Counting Sheep Pacifier Pacifier by GroceryGirlCooks
Check out other Sheep Pacifiers at zazzle.com



Filibuster Buster Pacifier
Filibuster Buster Pacifier by GroceryGirlCooks
Look at more Funny Pacifiers at zazzle






Cute Red Crab Bibs
Cute Red Crab Bibs by heartlocked
Find bibs online at zazzle.com



Grumpy Cat Infant Creeper
Grumpy Cat Infant Creeper by thegrumpycat
Find other Grumpy T-Shirts at zazzle.com


Nerdy Elements Baby Bodysuit
Nerdy Elements Baby Bodysuit by TSherpa
Look at Funny T-Shirts online at Zazzle.com




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