Thanks-giving Greeting Cards

Top 10 Reasons to Send Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

1. It’s one less activity/chore you’ll need to do at Christmas time or afterwards.

2. Not everybody celebrates a traditional Christmas, but most U.S. citizens celebrate Thanksgiving.

3. You can indicate to people you are thankful for them at a particularly appropriate time of year.

4. You’ll reduce your mail carrier’s load at Christmas time.

5. Purchasing postage happens earlier than it would closer to Christmas, therefore distributing holiday spending over the course of time.

6. You can refer to your children as “little pumpkins” in a timely manner via text on the card.

7. Because Thanksgiving photo cards exist, just like other holiday ones do.

8. Because you may be skinnier in a before Thanksgiving photo than an after one (assuming your going with photo cards).

9, Your card will probably be the first to arrive in peoples’ mailboxes.

10. ¬†You can remind relatives you haven’t seen for a while what you look like. That way they’ll be prepared when they see you at Christmas time.



Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Photo Cards
Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Photo Cards by berryberrysweet
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Vintage Art Thanksgiving Postcards
Vintage Art Thanksgiving Postcards by oldandclassic
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U.S. Postage – Thanksgiving



Elegant Vintage Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Postage Stamp
Elegant Vintage Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Postage Stamp by AntiqueImages
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