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Awww, Cute Animals…

We so enjoy word play around The Right Card and More; the funny and the punny. Which is why, when we saw the whale card (below) by this month’s featured designer Pat Callum, we knew we wanted to promote it as a thank you card on our Pinterest page.

When looking into Pat’s other designs, we discovered a virtual zoo – a menagerie if you will. And we are a captive audience. Pat “hops to” merging sophisticated art technique with cuteness. So, if you give a hoot, hug a pug, or ever say, “Oh, deer”, Pat’s got the product for you! We’re proud to house them here at our zoo – er…gallery.









Giraffe and Hearts Art Tees
Giraffe and Hearts Art Tees by inspirationrocks
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BH- Angry Duck Magnet
BH- Angry Duck Magnet by inspirationrocks
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XX- Bear Hug Love Card
XX- Bear Hug Love Card by inspirationrocks
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I have always enjoyed animals and nature. Being able to create designs related to animals and nature that make people smile is my ultimate goal. I had never tried many artistic things until the past six or seven years and have learned mostly by trial and error. Now, I use designing as a form of therapy and relaxation. The more people I can share my designs with the happier I feel.

Most of my inspirations occur when I am trying to fall asleep. Yes, I am an insomniac at times, but that is the time when the worries of the day fade away…I keep my trusty design ideas pad by my bed and frequently, by morning, I have 10 to 20 new ideas. I do admit that some things that seem cute and witty at 2am are just plain silly in the light of day.

Initially my designs were basically just drawings, but within the last couple of years, I have experimented a lot with abstract and folk art in addition to what I call primitive art. These are more challenging and I feel like I’m growing more as a designer when I attempt them. I design from my home in north Georgia.  -Pat Callum

As always, many of the items you see here can be personalized! Please contact us if you would like help doing so.

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