Dress-Up Day A.K.A. Halloween

Here’s a little history lesson about Halloween just in case you’ve forgotten what it’s all about:

At it’s most rudimentary, it is defined by Wikipedia to be the celebration that happens on the eve of the day traditionally reserved for remembering the dead: saints, martyrs and other departed faithful Christian believers. However, this festival has been heavily influenced (observably and historically) by pagan beliefs.

In effort to keep from romanticizing evil, we have a unique perspective on Halloween and instead have come to think of it as “Dress-up Day” – not wanting to take the fun out of the holiday, but still celebrate the harvest with which we’ve been blessed. In that spirit of goodness, we propose the following: skeletons (because everybody’s got one), pumpkins (which grow bountifully, are so nutritious, and are fun to carve), and bats and spiders (because they really do exist in nature). You get the idea.




Oh Snap, Funny Skeleton Halloween Shirts
Oh Snap, Funny Skeleton Halloween Shirts by cutencomfy
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X-Ray Skeleton Ribs & Spine Tie
X-Ray Skeleton Ribs & Spine Tie by NeckDeck
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Eyeball Hat
Eyeball Hat by jmn_designs
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Skeleton Dance Posters
Skeleton Dance Posters by hallmarkhalloween
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Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns





Behind Postage Stamp
Behind Postage Stamp by Rainmountain
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Bats and Spiders







Creepy crawlie gift wrapping paper
Creepy crawlie gift wrapping paper by deemac1
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Happy Dress-Up Day!



Scary Clown T-shirt
Scary Clown T-shirt by GroceryGirlCooks
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