Your Postal Worker Thanks You

In the cyber-land of facebook there is weekly occasion to display nostalgic images known as Throw Back Thursday (TBT). This reminiscing, funnily enough, got us thinking about our friendly post office workers and mail carriers. The name of our site is The Right Card and More after all, and those cards are often still sent by way of U.S. Post. We are of the opinion that there’s something heart warming and quaint about the continued delivery of mail via human carrier. You may agree with us when it comes to the delivery of wedding invitations, Christmas Cards, and hand written warm thoughts.

So you’re probably thinking we’re going to display said cards below for your perusal. Instead, to give a nod to a profession that has served us well over the years, we’re giving the U.S. postage below our stamp of approval. We’re even displaying some of the ever elusive postcard stamps! (Although any of the below can be ordered in postcard denomination.) -Great to carry with you if you’re heading out of town or to have around when utilizing postcards for thank you notes (budget friendly).













Frozen Group Postage
Frozen Group Postage by disney
Find more Disney frozen Stamps at Zazzle



Post by Regan Olson

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