The Back to School Blues

We here at The Right Card and More pride ourselves on being amateur psychologists. As such, we’ve had occasion to observe teachers outside their classroom environment. In our research, we have consistently found two behavior patterns to be true in studying these noble educators.

  • One, teachers look tremendously forward to basking in the freedom of summer break. (Assuming they still have a summer break; we know teachers who work year round.)
  • And two, while on summer break, the subjects er, teachers, seem to sense inevitably impending doom at the thought of returning to school.

This mourning of summer’s demise seems to commence around July 5th; the date varies depending on individual differences.

Being resourceful, many teachers “self medicate” or treat these anxious episodes by the act of getting ready for the upcoming school year. Or, more likely, this behavior is simply indicative of being prepared for the onslaught of smiling young faces about to be placed in front of the them!

Whichever the case may be, we’d like to help teachers with their cause AND bring smiles to their faces at the same time. Below are some products that we hope do both. And teachers, thank you for all the good work you do!


If You’re in a Bind






When You Just Can’t Contain Yourself





Special Teacher Bag
Special Teacher Bag by MishMoshTees
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When the Visual Aid States “IT” Clearly




Vocabulary Download Poster
Vocabulary Download Poster by Siberianmom
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Slope Posters
Slope Posters by cptballoon
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Post writing and layout by Regan Olson

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