The All Inclusive Triathlon

Yoda has it right. If you’re trying, you’re doing. (We’re sure that’s what he meant.) Or more specifically, if you’re tri-ing, you’re doing.

We participated in our second annual Pleasant Prairie Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin this year. A triathlon that benefits a therapeutic recreation program for youth and adults with disabilities. This particular USTA sanctioned triathlon, like many, is growing in popularity, but it stands-out as it’s all inclusive! It’s very inspiring to take part in as a participant or spectator.

Pleasant Prairie Triathon Site Photo

Many of the artists and designers we support at The Right Card and More are inspired by triathlons as well. (We’re not all total non-athletes you know.) You may be familiar with some of the popular pieces below, but we’ve also included some refreshing new products.





140.6 OVAL STICKER by TheFold
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irondog pet t-shirt
irondog pet t-shirt by muckypups
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Triathlon Therapy Shirt
Triathlon Therapy Shirt by AmazingMart
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Post writing and  layout by Regan Olson

*The Pleasant Prairie Triathlon is not a sponsor of The Right Card and More is choosing to support their endeavor.

Furthermore, if you or a loved one has become disabled due to an amputation and you live in the Chicago area, we are making you aware of this amputee support group (not affiliated with The Pleasant Prairie Triathlon).

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