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USA vs. Britain!

Okay, so not really.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday though, we’re reaching-out to our friends across the Atlantic in a show of red, white, and blue. It helps to have a go-between when such matters of diplomacy are at stake; so we’ve elected…ahem, coronated rather, Jen Sworld to be our ambassador from Britain. Due to covert operations necessary to maintain our good working relationship, the below image of our illustrious liaison has been, shall we say, altered – to protect her identity. But rest assured, she is a real and very capable person – as proven by her creations.



Grunge USA Party Invitation / Vintage USA
Grunge USA Party Invitation / Vintage USA by itsjensworld
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Other Products by Jen





meh. mug / cup
meh. mug / cup by itsjensworld
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Magical Stars iPad Cover - Orange and Purple
Magical Stars iPad Cover – Orange and Purple by itsjensworld
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Drink Me Mug
Drink Me Mug by itsjensworld
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"Jen Sworld"
All hail our ambassador from Britain “Jen Sworld”…
A self-taught graphic designer from the UK,  Jen has eclectic and ever-changing tastes. She favors simple and bold designs, but occasionally gets carried away by an attack of whimsy and covers everything with swirls of stars or hearts.
Jen draws inspiration from the seaside and plans on her future designs being more reflective of that. (She lives by the sea, you see.) She would like to feature more of her own photos. However, she is also interested in heavily presenting more geometric designs including those of urban architectural influence.


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